java代写-CMPS 12A – Assignment 5

CMPS 12A – Assignment 5

Submission Instructions:

There is no Stepik submission for this assignment. You must submit only your Java source code files encapsulated in a zip file on Canvas. Source code files have an extension of .java and you must name them the same as what specified in each question. Do not submit .class files. The zip file must contain all of the source code files required to compile and execute the program. None of the files may include a package declaration. (50 points)

Narges always has a hard time converting the US customary length and distance units to the standard metric system. Let’s build a nice GUI for her so that she can enter the measured amount (in double) and choose the unit she wants to convert from using the options provided by a JComboBox. Then she can choose the standard unit she wants to convert to and as soon as she clicks on the “GO!” button, you need to display the converted number in a JLabel. Below is an example of the UI she might like:


Here is an example of her interaction with your frame. Depending on the choices she has made in the two JComboBoxes the measured amount that she provided will be converted and displayed in a label. You can round the output number to show only up to 2 decimal places.


The US Customary length and distance units we use are Mile, Yard, Foot, Inch ,and standard metric system units are Kilometer, Meter, and Centimeter.



You can use the conversion table here for your calculations (I know, it is really annoying!). (50 points)

I am so happy to be part of your journey in learning your first programming language in depth. I think we as a class accomplished and learned so much and I am proud of all of you!

I want to use this second part of the assignment to give you an opportunity to build an application of your choice using the knowledge you gained. This application should have a Graphical User Interface that does a specific task. Examples could be playing a simple game, designing a calculator, or any small piece of software you like.

Minimum criteria:

  • At least 5 widgets on screen,
  • Proper use of a layout manager,
  • Acceptable UI design (use your own judgement),
  • Intractable (should have at least 2 UI elements that user can interact with).