java代写-group assignment

CST333 Distributed & Grid Computing



(Group Work: 2-3 members)

  • To develop a distributed program in any programming language/platform/tool
  • To demonstrate message queues, one of indirect communication techniques by using existing distributed computing technology
  • To demonstrate four combinations of message queues implementation supporting different types of message format by using basic primitives


The assignment will be evaluated based on group work and as well as individual performance via peer review process and during the group demo. Every group must submit a written report and present a group demo.

Dateline: Wednesday 17 December 2018 (12:00 pm), submit your hard copy report and slides during the class time and your softcopy of your report /slides through CST333 e-learning portal. Group demo will be conducted in the same week.

Assignment problem:

  1. Implementation settings: one server with at least four clients


    • Demonstrate how the system you have developed addressed the 4 scenarios below (using the following primitives: Put, Get, Poll, Notify):
    • The message should include text, image, audio & video
    • Lesson learned from the assignment
    • Clear division of group members’ roles
  2. Marking Scheme: Refer to the rubrics posted on the e-learning page
  3. For the in class demo, each group is allocated about 15 minutes including Q & A:
    • Everyone in the group is expected to present some portion of the assignment
    • Rehearse you demo if necessary (10 minutes demo & 5 minutes Q & A)
    • Brief PowerPoint slides and real-time demo of the program
  4. Submit the following together with well formatted report (One submission per group):
    • Hard copy – (Complete Report + source codes): In class
    • Soft copy – (Complete Report + source codes + slides): e-learning

Note: The report should include an appendix indicating detailed descriptions on contributions of

each group member in the assignment. In the event that parts of the report are directly copied from others without references, F grade is given.

Deadline for submission is 17 Dec 2018, by 12:00 pm. Please bring your hardcopy submission to the class.