python代写-student class assignment

Python Assignment 5

Create each of the following (objects in separate files) and a test file for each one.

Person (,

firstName lastName birthday gender

Student (, [subclass of Person]


classRank (from Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) gPA

major semestersAttended numberOfCreditsTaken numberOfCreditsPassed

register(semester, listOfCourses) getGPA()

canGraduate() getTranscript()

recordGrade(semester, courseNumber, section, grade)

Major (,

name numberOfCreditRequired

Semester (,


term (from Fall, Spring, Summer) listOfCouesesTaken

gPA startDate length

numberOfCreditsTaken numberOfCreditsPassed

register(listOfCoursess) # Pass a list of course numbers to the method. isFullTime()

Course (,

name number section

numberOfCredits grade


length (in weeks)

passed() isOver()

Prof. Arana Fireheart